A Mindfulness Journey

Join us on ZOOM for a Mindfulness session with Fabrizio Pesce founder and director of the St Peter's Centre for Mindfulness and Spirituality. Mindfulness is a practice based on the concept of being present and living the moment; involves meditation, breathing methods, guided visualization and more to help relax and reduce stress. Researches recognized it is more effective than antidepressant for preventing a relapse of depression, and it has great positive impact on the brain.

Fabrizio Pesce
As an expert meditator, Fabrizio runs introduction and in-depth courses on Mindfulness and Christian Meditation at the St Peter's Centre. The centre is a place for Mindfulness as a way of living, a place for contemplation, and embrace Christian and Non-Christian who are passionate about Mindfulness and Spirituality, answering to the needs of the local community by promoting mental health and wellbeing.

7pm to 7:10pm Introduction with Olga Venosa Founder and Chair, We Are Stronger Charity
7:10pm to 7:50pm Mindfulness session with Fabrizio Pesce
7:50pm to 8pm: Q&A

Registration: The minimum ticket price is £15, but any extra donation will be gladly accepted To purchase a ticket and reserve a place please use the displayed form
Note: Registration will close the 9th of February at 12:00pm

About the cause:
70% of the proceeds will go to We Are Stronger Charity, they will be used to provide anti-bullying programmes in primary and secondary schools and psychological support to bullying victims of all ages.
30% of the proceeds will go to St Peter's Centre for Mindfulness and Spirituality, Acton Green.



minimum £15, any extra donation is gladly accepted