About Us

We are an Anti-bullying charity. Our aim is to help those who are targets of bullying through support and prevention and cooperation with university neuroscience research departments. We strive to allow new generations to live the life they deserve.

The charity We Are Stronger was founded on the 29th of May 2017 by Olga Venosa. It is a Charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), and a registered charity in the UK (no.1181286). The charity aims to help targets of bullying through support and prevention and also cooperates with universities neuroscience research departments.

We have a team of professionals engaging in various activities directed to develop new methodologies to break through current knowledge and experience. Our studies and findings provide reasonable ground to believe this phenomenon can be reduced.

Our Board

Founder and Chair

Olga Venosa


Olga is a finance professional whom from an early age has helped by volunteering with numerous activities to support young disruptive children and abandoned elderly people across multiple countries. Olga's experience includes being a school and college governor, mentoring young students and helping in homeless shelters. Amongst her passions are psychology and neuroscience. Moved by an increasing rate of bullying and bullying related adolescent suicides, Olga decided to found We Are Stronger Charity and tackle these issues. Having personally experienced, and overcome, difficult times in childhood, Olga understands the benefits her work provides Her experience and understanding of the psychological impact of negative experiences drives Olga to help others change their thoughts and behavior towards a healthier mental balance. View morechevron_right


Alexander Unterrainer


Alex is a quantitative developer with experience in algorithmic trading and passion for finance. Since meeting Olga he realised how serious bullying has become for the current generation and decided to take action and join her in her anti-bullying work.

'Actions are cause of changes, even small ones. That sets us in the right direction, so I start today.'

Callum Moore


Callum is an Inclusion Leader for a primary school in North London. He is passionate about ensuring all children reach their potential and have the opportunities to develop socially and emotionally. Callum wants to use his skills to support children, families and schools to implement strategies to promote wellbeing, self-esteem and self-confidence. He's excited to be a part of We Are Stronger and supporting the organisation to remove bullying from schools.

Chris Robertson


Chris Robertson founded a Community Interest Company (Don't Tone Alone CIC) in 2010 after years of running national and local projects for charities across the UK. His work specialises in improving the health and well-being of the most vulnerable and marginalised members of our communities. He has joined We Are Stronger Charity's board of trustees to bring this experience to create a lasting impact in the lives of those affected by and at risk of bullying. Chris focuses on these design and delivery of socially inclusive well-being programmes, fundraising, and the strategic development of We Are Stronger Charity in the UK.

Christos Mylonas


Dr. Christos Mylonas is a Corporate Affairs and Public Affairs executive, with a successful track record of working across multiple geographies, political systems and matrix organisations, over the past 23 years. He has held several senior positions in the Middle East, where he managed the reputation and corporate communications, for multi-billion-dollar projects, and built and led multi-disciplinary teams in corporate and public affairs. Dr. Mylonas has worked closely with governments, NGOs, companies and multilateral organisations to create coalitions that changed policies on human rights, revenue transparency and investment law. He is currently working for the World Health Organization (WHO), contributing to the development of the WHO learning strategy, to define the future of learning and training for learning in public health. Dr. Mylonas holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from the University College London, where he taught on politics and comparative government. He has received awa

Ineke Hountenbous


Ineke has a BSc in Social Pedagogy and has extensive experience in training and development of staff and volunteers. Ineke is passionate about child safeguarding, equity and inclusion. Having practiced in various social work settings across the world she understands the value of working together to protect children and young people. She believes children have the right to live a life free from abuse and social injustice. Growing up mixed race has led to experiencing some bullying so this charity is close to her heart. She continues to fight for the right of children and young people to feel safe and believes in providing them every opportunity to thrive.

Maria Limongi


Maria is a Cognitive psychologist. She has worked in schools and in private practice with children and adolescents, both in the US and in France. She is experienced with issues faced by bilingual and immigrant children, as well as with learning disabilities and attention disorders. Bullying has a strong impact on a child's emotional and social development, as well as on their learning ability and school adaptation. Children need a strong supportive and caring environment. Parents and teachers need tools to address the difficulties of children who are in this situation. Maria is very enthusiastic about supporting Olga's charity, We Are Stronger, in the field of psychology.

Neil Watt


Neil recognises that bullying has enormous societal costs across a range of environments and demographics yet can often harm the most vulnerable or those least able to access support. The unique prevention and support activities that We Are Stronger undertakes and its people first culture- underpinned by a robust methodology- provides a distinctively valuable contribution to society. Neil is strongly committed to supporting the growth of the organisation’s activities. Neil has a background in strategy and energy trading environments. In particular, Neil has proven expertise in the application of data and analytics methodologies to strategy formulation and development and holds an MEng degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London.