About Us

We are an Anti-bullying charity. Our aim is to help those who are targets of bullying through support, prevention and cooperation with university neuroscience research departments. We strive to allow new generations to live the life they deserve.

The charity We Are Stronger was founded on the 29th of May 2017 by Olga Venosa. It is a Charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), registered charity in the UK (no.1181286) since 2018 and in Italy since 2019. The charity aims to help targets of bullying through support and prevention and also cooperates with universities neuroscience research departments.

We have a team of professionals engaging in various activities directed to develop new methodologies to break through current knowledge and experience. Our studies and findings provide reasonable ground to believe this phenomenon can be reduced.

Why is We Are Stronger different?

We Are Stronger maximises the number of volunteers over paid staff, our operating model was created by our founder Olga Venosa in order to address more money to the actual cause, supporting more individuals. The charity has over £1,000,000 workforce off balance sheet; analysing our financial statements is not enough to understand the charity's size and magnitude.

We really want to make a difference, with transparency and fairness.

Our Board

Founder and Chair

Olga Venosa


Olga is a finance professional whom from an early age has helped by volunteering with numerous activities to support young disruptive children and abandoned elderly people across multiple countries. Olga's experience includes being a school and college governor, mentoring young students and helping in homeless shelters. Amongst her passions are psychology and neuroscience. Moved by an increasing rate of bullying and bullying related adolescent suicides, Olga decided to found We Are Stronger Charity and tackle these issues. Having personally experienced, and overcome, difficult times in childhood, Olga understands the benefits her work provides Her experience and understanding of the psychological impact of negative experiences drives Olga to help others change their thoughts and behavior towards a healthier mental balance.

The 18th of November 2021 Olga was selected as the winner of the "Talented Young Italians Award" for the charity category. It was released by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the U.K. with the patronage and cooperation of the Italian Embassy in London and the Association of Talented Italians in the U.K. for her outstanding contribution to the business development between Italy and the United Kingdom and all her work with the organisation including the book she has written and published in June 2021 Kindness Is All Around, also distributed in schools via the charity project Smiling Choc. View morechevron_right


Alexander Unterrainer


Alex is a quantitative developer with experience in algorithmic trading and passion for finance. Since meeting Olga he realised how serious bullying has become for the current generation and decided to take action and join her in her anti-bullying work.

'Actions are cause of changes, even small ones. That sets us in the right direction, so I start today.'

Andrea Papp


Andrea has a strong background in event management and many of her event projects supported charities such the Prince's Trust with the Formula1 Ball, an African refugee camp initiative with her project at the World Economic Forum, a UN refugee agency with a Financial Times/World Bank sustainability conference. She managed various sport hospitality events in Formula1, tennis, golf and horse polo where she organised silent and live auctions to support various charitable causes. Due to her passion for horses she understands well how equine therapy can achieve strong results with people suffering from mental health issues, anxiety and autism, especially very effective with children. That is the reason We Are Stronger Charity is very close to her heart as part of its program is focused to support children who are bullied with psychological and sport programs. She is very passionate about psychology especially in the area which shows how much results anti-bullying programs combined with sport/music activities can achieve with children to support them becoming healthy adults.

Ilaria Bianchi


Ilaria is a teacher assistant qualified also photographer, specialised in Documentary photography. She is a creative artist, and her aspiration helped her enter the humanitarian field, exploring the sector of sustainability and human security. Ilaria has joined We are Stronger Charity's board to support the company with innovative idea and project. She supports the long term strategy, contributing to key inputs through research and fund raising project building. Ilaria is involved in school activities with our educational psychologist given her experience and love for children and their understanding brought her to sustain the charity cause.

Lisa Crivello


Lisa as a trade union background and is a qualified employment lawyer. She has 30 years' experience of advising victims of bullying and harassment in the workplace, and specialises in discrimination under the Equality Act. She has recently spent a number of years working within the Teaching Unions supporting and advising staff in the education sector through a range of employment issues. She is passionate about justice, especially for those who may have not have the resources to easily access legal support. Lisa joined WAS in April 2020 as a volunteer lawyer and joined the Board of Trustees in December 2020.