Project Kindness

Project Kindness is a big project started a few years ago to prevent and spread awareness on bullying and other correlated special categories.

Every year a sub project is created to work on specific matters. Please learn more about our subproject and books.

Kindness Is All Around

Kindness Is All Around is a project we have been running for two years in Uk and Italy to prevent bullying and eating disorder at young age. Based on our book Kindness Is All Around, a combination of educational activities to empower children, create bonds, teamwork, understanding role models and the importance of adults influence on youth. Children were provided with tools to prevent bullying, violence, eating disorder and report to a trusted adults any discomfort or wrongdoing.

New Project coming soon

A new Kindness project will come out soon, with the publishing of our new book. To find out more and sign up please contact us.

Our Kindness books' series:

Our books' series is based on Kindness, love, respect, friendship, diversity, and inclusion

Our first book Kindness is All is distributed worldwide. To purchase the book, please use any of the following links.

for UK: Waterstone Foyle Amazon

for US: Barnes & Nobles

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For the Italian version please visit our Italian page.

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