Alex's story

Date: 11/11/2019

Author: Alex


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We Are Stronger Charity

It gets better.

I never talked  about it. 

Now I do.

I was born and grew up in a very violent home. 

My father regularly beat my mother and I was forced to grow up very quickly in order to patch up wounds and make sure that no-one died. 

My dad taught me that the only way to get attention was to take it.  I learned how to swallow all of my emotions, in a cold hollow place

I was a violent bully, I loved being in fights and unleashing all the rage and hate I felt into my fists. 

When I could find no targets for my anger, I bullied myself to be harder, sharper and stronger.  I took risks, dangerous, self-destructive risks with drugs,  and violence with each fight and each drug more dangerous than the last. 

I lived for revenge against the world, against God and against my father.  

After some years, I was ready I was going to finally make my father pay and I was going to make him suffer.

Then he did something unexpected.

He had a heart attack and died.

All that rage and anger and nowhere to go.

It took me a long time and a lot of training, a lot of talking to be able to let go of my hatred.

I was only able to start healing by reaching out. 

I still have days, moments when the anger and sadness reaches into my life but I have support and I've done the work.

Misery thrives on secrets. 

Talk about it and move forward. 

Talk to a teacher, a trusted friend or relative.

I'm thankful for all the work that this charity, does because it gives people the chance to escape the violence in their lives.