Kindness Is All Around

Date: 25/09/2022

Author: We Are Stronger Charity


Now also in Italian "La gentilezza è alla porta", our children's book written with my collaborator, psychologist and psychotherapist Giuliana Savino. This book has been distributed in many UK schools and assigned to other schools in Italy. It fills me with immense joy to know how much it is already helping many children and how much it will help all the children who are lucky enough to read it. We have already received great reviews and are immensely grateful. From first hand experience, surviving childhood abuse, bullying and eating disorders, my dream has always been to support children and create a very safe environment for them. It was a pleasure to collaborate with my co-author and friend Giuliana Savino, with our children's nutrition consultant Domenico Meleleo, as well as a great experience working with our illustrator and graphic designer Glen Holman. This book will help prevent bullying and eating disorders by educating children in an easy and fun way. Available in all bookstores in Italy and Amazon. For the English version, please see our UK page. To purchase it click on the link below, all proceeds from the copyright will go to We Are Stronger. Olga Venosa, Founder and President We Are Stronger ODV