My Independent Wallet Raising to Wellbeing

Date: 16/05/2023

Author: We Are Stronger Charity


Even this 2023 we are glad to be on Aviva Community fund platform with the objective of raising funds to help Indvidual from young to adult age to live a balanced and happy life which include wellbeing and financial stability, two key aspects strictly interconnected. Bullying and violence shouldn't be seen in isolation.
It is well correlated to financial freedom and stability in general.
It is all about mindset and beliefs.

About the project and activities.

We work with young and adults, to provide them with the right tool to raise themselves to a different level to bring financially independence and wellbeing.

There are limited beliefs we carry since childhood at subconscious level that prevent individuals from being successful and properly manage their finances as well as their physical and mental health.

Our trainings which are based on qualitative and quantitative factors, and a dynamic interaction with groups, work to remove these barriers and allow everyone to be free from negative feelings and events, so that a balanced life can be reached.

We have already been successfully working with our internally built anti-bullying methodology and model Extirpating Bullying by Educating (EBE) in Italy and are extending the project to UK.

The methodology comprise of different modules set to provide the right tools to be happy, successful, and financially independent in life.

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