What every child needs for good mental health

Date: 26/03/2020

Author: Frances P. Ryan D.E. Psychomotor Therapist


Frances P. Ryan D.E.
Psychomotor Therapist


Every child needs to believe that his parents like him for himself, just the way he/she is. 

That they like him all the time and, not only when he/she acts according to their ideas of the way a child should act.

That they always accept him, although they may often not approve of the things he does.

That they will let him grow and develop in his own way.


Every child needs to know:

That her home is a good safe place that she/he can feel sure about

That he/she belongs to a family or group; that there is a place where he/she fits in

That there are limits to what is permitted and that the parents will hold him/her to these limits


Every child needs to know:

That her parents want him/her to grow up and that they will encourage him/her to try new things.  

That they have confidence in her/his and in her ability to do things for herself and by herself.


Every child needs to have grown ups around him who show by example how to get along with others.

If he feels upset or angry, he needs to learn to manage his feelings and not try to hurt himself or others when he/she has these feelings.

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