Preventing Bullying


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Supporting Targets of Bullying


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Neuroscience Research


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The Team

Olga Venosa

Founder, Chair of Trustees

Olga is a finance professional whom from an early age has helped by volunteering with numerous activities to support young disruptive children and abandoned elderly people across multiple countries. Olga’s work is varied including experience as a school and college governor, mentoring young students and helping in homeless shelters.

Amongst her passions are psychology and neuroscience. Moved by an increasing rate of bullying, and moreover bullying related adolescent suicides, Olga decided to found We Are Stronger Charity and tackle these issues.

Having personally experienced, and overcome, difficult times in childhood, Olga inherently understands the benefits her work provides and is therefore very committed to the charity’s mission. Using her experience and understanding of the psychological impact of negative experiences Olga helps others to change their thoughts and behaviour towards a healthier mental balance.

Allan Campbell

Fundraiser, Trustee

Allan is passionate about improving the mental health of young people through engagement and education therefore promoting self-confidence. Having lived abroad for many years he understands the need for strong networks and always worked in strong teams across the world within his business area to drive success.

Success for Allan is to formulate sustainable fundraising so we at We Are Stronger Charity can provide the tools for young people to have the self-confidence to remove bullying from society.

Niki Kalamida

Event Coordinator, Volunteer

Niki has a degree in business administration and innovation & technology and works in real estate. She has experienced bullying as a child and an adolescent and knows the effects bullying can have in a child’s mental health and confidence and the impacts on his social development. She has also lived abroad for years and believes her personal experiences and achievements in the face of adversity will be of value in the charity’s vision. As she really believes in the cause she is excited to support the charity.

Maria Limongi

Psychologist, Trustee

Maria is a Cognitive psychologist. She has worked in schools and in private practice with children and adolescents, both in the US and in France.  She is experienced with issues faced by bilingual and immigrant children, as well as with learning disabilities and attention disorders.

Bullying has a strong impact on a child’s emotional and social development, as well as on their learning ability and school adaptation.  Children need a strong supportive and caring environment.  Parents and teachers need tools to address the difficulties of children who are in this situation.

Maria is very enthusiastic about supporting Olga’s charity, We Are Stronger, in the field of psychology.

Alexander Unterrainer

Multi-sector Manager, Trustee

Alex is a quantitative developer with experience in algorithmic trading and passion for finance. Since meeting Olga he realised how serious bullying has become for the current generation and decided to take action and join her in her anti-bullying work.

“Actions are cause of changes, even small ones. That sets us in the right direction, so I start today”