Anti-Bullying Programs

At We Are Stronger Charity we endeavour to improve the well-being and mental health of individuals by providing support and facilitating group bonding, with the aim of reducing bullying and cyberbullying. View more

Our methodology

We have designed and built our own dynamic antibullying methodology based on professional experience, academic research and our founder’s life experience. The methodology is flexible and well suited to being adapted to different environments and cultures, the dynamism enables us to incorporate socio economic and technology changes and advancements.

Our methodology is guided by core principles of: empathy, empowerment and compassion. It includes important modules like the role model and the bullying on transport, drawing on material from case studies of personal stories and academic studies.

This program is administered by our mental health professionals through surveys, classroom activities and other educational tools. It aims to improve empathy, group consolidation and general wellbeing and to tackle bullying and cyberbullying.

Role Model

Inspired by our founder’s life, the role model is an essential element of our methodology used to develop resilience, build strength and drive empowerment.

Afterschool club activities

The charity has developed a fun afterschool club curriculum for primary school children. Through playful themed activities we emphasize well-being, teamwork, respect, and the encouragement of others.

School transportation

Our charity wants to raise awareness and intervene to prevent bullying on school transportation. Research shows that this is a place where a high incidence of bullying commonly occurs. View more

Where and how can we intervene?

  • Primary and secondary schools: The Charity can implement a prevention program or different modules to work on specific issues. We work with staff, parents and students.
    In addition, we participate in the Anti-Bullying week every year in November in partnership with ABA, in a national effort to address this common problem.
  • Colleges and Universities: We raise awareness about bullying through events and interventions and can provide support and training to deal with bullying.
  • In the Corporate World: The charity informs the corporate world of bullying related issues and provides support through training workshops, events and intervention programmes.

Project Smiling Choc:

The project has been developed to prevent bullying and eating disorder via the children book “Kindness Is All Around” published by We Are Stronger, and a series of educational activities that target primary school children by year groups.We have currently received funds from Inspired Hounslow Foundation to work with schools in Hounslow, with the support of the local authority and from nCino Global and Aviva to cover other London areas.

To know more please click here Project Smiling Choc

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Extirpating bullying by educating is based on our main anti-bullying methodology.

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