Project Smiling Choc

Date: 18/02/2021

Author: We Are Stronger Charity


About the Project - SMILING CHOC - Kindness Is All Around

The project aims to prevent and diminish bullying, to combat it with the correlated eating disorder that could arise, as increasing health and mental health in primary schools.

Educational activities such as reading, adopted with thematic like bullying and eating disorder, are deemed to be effective for prevention, and positively influence the growth, nutrition, and health of a child.

Our methodology and activities are based on national and international studies, challenging any other model, filling gaps and providing new methods of dealing with bullying and correlated problems.

To Impact the youngest, it is important to promote positive behaviours without ignoring the necessity to operate with the goal of diminishing problematic demeanours.

Intervention programmes that promote children’s growth require the development of both positive actions and thoughts, in addition to the prevention of troubled and antisocial behaviours.

The project gives identity to the bully and the target of bullying, provides empowering tool to both characters, creating authentic and responsible relationships between the two, and a stronger self-awareness.

Also the right tools are provided to create a mechanism that persuades any child to report physical, psychological violence or any eating disorder to any “role model” (Adults source of inspiration that the child trusts and admires).

Activities and Plan

There will be a combination of activities, from We Are Stronger Charity anti-bullying programme ones, to the distribution of the book “Kindness Is All Around” The aim of the book is to lead children, to establish a balanced relationship with food and to build healthy eating habits from childhood, helping them to prevent eating disorders, to build strong relationships with peers, respect diversities and overcome bullying. The book has been written by We Are Stronger with the collaboration of the charity’s psychologists and nutritionists on the dedicated aspect, to spread awareness, educate on bullying and prevent it.

  • Book distribution: each school will receive one book per children plus 10 books for their library (to allow future students to learn from it)
  • Book presentation: the writer will be presenting her book and having an open discussion with the children
  • Anti-bullying intervention activities: educational psychologists will provide one week training to each school, they will work 1 hour with each school’s classroom.
  • Target audience: primary school children
  • Training: can be provided in person or via web (to conform to Covid-19 Government rules)


  • Prevent and diminish bullying and possible correlated eating disorder
  • Increasing health and mental health in primary schools
  • Create group integration and support
  • Stimulate intellectual and emotional management
  • Increase abuse reporting and knowing who to report

We have already raised about £20,000 via nCino Global, Aviva, Inspire Hounslow Foundation, and started the project with St Edwards Catholic Primary School in Marylebone and Alexandra Primary School in Hounslow.

The more we raise greater the number of schools and children we will be able to help.

Support the project through our Aviva Community Fund

We are still raising funds for Project Smiling Choc, if you wish to contribute please use our donation page