Change Starts with Art

Date: 01/12/2019

Author: Olga Venosa, Founder and Chair


The 14th of November 2019, We Are Stronger Charity, inspired by this year antibullying week theme "Changes", organized in London the awareness campaign event "Change Starts with Art".

Why art? Because Art is a form of communication and expression, but also meditation and mental balance; it allows individuals to connect with themselves and with others. It helps transforming feeling of depression, anxiety, fears brought up by bullying experiences into something positive, meaningful and powerful. Paintings, pictures, writings, music, dancing were all combined in one evening, showing the empowering features of transformation; an artwork exhibition accompanied by live piano music, followed by a tango performance, a portrait maker and a writer, engaged all guests, fulfilling the objective of promoting awareness and We Are Stronger activities.

Now present in two countries Italy and UK, as an antibullying charity we train colleges, universities and workplaces, albeit we predominantly work with primary and secondary schools, key, given children are future society. Remarking the importance of prevention, it is easier to intervene on young subjects rather than adults, as their brains react faster to changes and information; in fact we rely on neuroplasticity concept, which is the ability of the brain to change and transform, primary driver of our methodologies.

In the antibullying spectrum there are gaps that pushed us toward the creations of new methodologies, including: the antibullying on transport which intends to prepare not just schools and bus drivers, but to create a consistent cooperation and accountability of responsibility amongst various entities: schools, transportation companies, police and local authorities; and the role model module, with the goal of reintegrating bullies and violent subjects.

Often bullies come from problematic background, with deprivation of parental needs, and primary needs; violent and aggressive environment can either develop violent or submissive personalities, nevertheless bullies can also be the result of other bullies actions.

We strengthen young individual, providing them special tools and instruments, to help them succeed, overcome difficult moment and trauma, we support them boosting their confidence and building enough joyful memories, weakening those neural paths linked to negative habit and experiences.

The report has been published on UNESCO Newsletter "Bioethical Voices", 18th Issue November 2019, Page 217-218

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